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What Is A Business Development Company ?




Our company is focused on business development, we help develop and expand existing businesses through resources and partnerships. We also help give start-ups the confidence and push to get their businesses running in the right direction. ‘Nuff said no need to read more. If you must know more we’ll try to explain in detail in the following paragraphs.


Though we do help brick and mortar businesses with awesome web presence and search optimization, our main focus is online businesses or ecommerce. We network with internet and social media experts to help your online business to grow in profits by attracting new customers and by increasing the spend of existing customers. ... Business development is a specialty often found within major Corporations Internationally.


Simply, we offer a network of resources, ideas, tools, coaching, partnerships, support to help businesses to start and/or to grow so that in turn we grow. When we grow we are increasing our network of influence to help another company or start-up to expand and grow their businesses.


Why are we a good partner? Well, we know about developing a business because we do business ourselves. Yes, our company and affiliates run businesses under many assumed names. We do Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce, Online Retail, Network Marketing, Lending, Publishing, Real Estate Investing. We even own a franchise or two. We do Website Building, Hosting Services, SEO, Email List Building. We are also networked with industry leaders and motivational speakers internationally. To sum it all up, we are having a whole lot of fun. :-)


We have found that many smaller businesses often don’t have a special department or group of experts to help them with business development. Not only small brick and mortar companies, but especially online businesses and startups. Not to mention the outrageous costs of hiring someone to do this. Most smaller businesses don’t have such resources. That is why we started this company to try and help business owners and startups to fill in the blanks. Isn’t that nice of us?


Our fees are anywhere from free to highly affordable. It all depends on your business type (ecommerce, pizza shop, affiliate marketing, plumbing service, etc.) and the type of help that is needed (Hosting Services, Publishing Ads, Skill Training).


Research is a huge part of what we do. Research helps us to understand the problems facing most smaller business models.

With said research we can formulate a list of priorities, coupled with creative thinking, fortified by a network of quality business experts to come up with a strategy that will help businesses to thrive. Yes, often you can get such value from us for free. Don’t you want to be our friend?


Understand that business development differs from sales, how so? Sales involves a systematic way of presenting a product (service) to a customer to gain revenue with the ultimate goal of competing for more sales and customers, trying to beat and outperform the competition. Sounds exhausting!


Business development is a laser focused process of matching product (or service) to a sample of targeted customers who are already looking for said product or service. Thusly, ensuring continuous sales and growth. Business development helps to save on pricey, often outdated, and ineffective advertising strategies (local television and radio commercials for example) freeing up more funds to your bottom line.


Thank you for reading about our company and what we do. Maybe you will find our services helpful to you. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Look around our website to learn more about what we do. One page simply doesn’t say it all.


To your success,


Emanuel Acosta

Manager (Owner)






30 N Gould St Ste 3548, Sheridan, WY 82801


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